A ticket to paradise without the long flight. It's sweet and creamy with fruity delicious coconut paired with tart pineapple making it both balanced and refreshing.

Whether you live in a paradise all year long, or need a reminder it won't rain forever, the Piña Colada pods are perfect for transporting you to a vacation destination without having to leave your own couch

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Imagine the juicy sweetness of a ripe watermelon, captured in a single JEVO shot. Indulge in the refreshing taste of summer with this flavor pod that is bursting with flavor. With just the right amount of sweetness, ride the Watermelon wave.

Whether going for a sweet and refreshing treat with a citrus flavored vodka, or looking to mix it up with some tequila, this flavor pod hits all of the tasty juicy notes of watermelon.

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Sweet, fruity and with a touch of tartness, it's like your favorite cherry candy, but elevated.

Perfect for all seasons, this is the most approachable flavor of all. Perfect for almost any spirit of choice pairing, and the rich red color is a showstopper.

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A blank canvas with you holding the paint brush. Plain Jane is ready to work and can be as complicated or simple as you want.

You know the creative one in your friend group that can pull an outfit together effortlessly, that's Plain Jane. She's ready to pull together ingredients of your choosing and make something marvelous out if it.

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Crisp, tangy and with just a touch of sweetness. Green apple's mouthwatering flavor will be having your guests coming back for more.

Backyard summer barbecues are calling for this fresh flavor, perfect for the person who loves sweet fruity candies, but not too sweet.

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Citrusy and smooth, it's like picking the perfectly ripe orange straight from the tree.

Looking for a sweet treat that's bursting with citrus flavor? Look no further than our orange-flavored JEVO pods! Each shot is a juicy explosion of tangy orange goodness that will leave your taste buds dancing with delight.
The perfect flavor to pair with a variety of spirits, you’ll never settle for a boring old gelatin shot again when you can enjoy the bright, zesty taste of orange in every bite.

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She's a classic and refreshing flavor, perfect for any occasion. It's a little sweet, a little sour and will cool you off after a long hot day.

Love margaritas, but not wanting to bust out the blender, Limeville is ready to get you in vacation mode with it's citrusy flavor.

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This flavor packs a fruity punch that is sure to satisfy your taste buds with the sweet, smooth and juicy strawberry matching perfectly with the tangy citrusy notes of the lemonade.

Think strawberry lemonade without the seeds in your teeth. Ready to be enjoyed on a hot summer day and quench your thirst.

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