What is the alcohol content of one shot?

It will be dependent on how much alcohol is added to the mixture, you control your own destiny on how much jiggle is in your Jevo. However, if you are a rule follower when it comes to recipes, the standard alcohol serving per shot is approx. 0.5 a shot.

How long should I keep them in the fridge for?

Jevo shots are best enjoyed within a couple of days of making them.

However, if properly sealed, the shots will last in the fridge for a couple of weeks. How are you so patient to be able to wait that long though?

Does the powder expire?

There is never a wrong time to have Way More Fun if you ask us, but the powder form of JEVO is good for 3 years.
The actual shot once made will last about 4 weeks if sealed and refrigerated correctly. Who can wait that long?

Are these considered gluten-free?

You bet, Jevo flavor pod blends do not contain any wheat gluten. Anything you choose to put in as your spirit of choice will need to be confirmed though.

How much sugar is in each shot?

There is approximately 0.1 grams of sugar in each Jevo Shot, yes that is a small amount and yes we wore glasses to measure, okay fine they were blue light blockers but we looked sharp okay?

How many flavors are there?

Currently available for sale, 8.
In the lab being tested and created, we can't discuss that at this time or the big boss might get upset if he reads this. (It's a lot!)


How often should I be cleaning my machine?

Parts like the pod spike and dispense manifold should be cleaned daily.  The inside of the drawer compartment should be wiped down frequently using a warm, wet rag.  The assisted clean setting should be run once a week.

What is the difference between craft shots and regular shots?

Craft shots are made using 20 ounces of your desired mixer.  Regular shots only pull 10 ounces of mixer from the reservoir.

At what elevation should high altitude mode be enabled?

High altitude mode should be enabled at elevations of 4,000
feet or higher.  If for some reason high altitude mode was not enabled during install, it can be accessed from the drop-down
menu under the preferences tab. 

How do I make non-alc gelatin shots?

When choosing your mixer for your shots, select “water” in
order to make virgin gelatin shots.  The water will be pulled straight from your cold-water line, so no water needs to be put into the mixer reservoir.


How many shots does one party pack make?

Depends if you make the whole party pack, but 20 shots can be made per pod and if you make both pods it's 40 shots. Please call our 3rd-grade math teacher and tell her we are still thriving.

Should I refrigerate or freeze my shots?

Freezing is not super recommended, but nobody puts Jevo shots in a corner. Refrigeration to set the products is a must and allows the flavor to really seep in deep but once solidified they can be stored out at a party, no problem.

Moisture is not Jevo shot's friend. So if you are going to store them, we recommend making sure they are sealed in a container to be safe.

Are the cups reusable?

They aren't reusable today, due to the squishability of the design to avoid leaving half the shot in your cup, but they are recyclable!

How long does it take for the shots to set?

Once the shots are filled and put in the fridge with care it takes about 30-45 minutes until your Jevo shots are ready to party.

Can you stack these trays?

You betcha! What's better than 20 Jevo shots? At least 20 more stacked on top to reduce the space needed in the fridge.
As you stack them rotate the next tray 180 degrees. (Note: Look at the 2 logos on the tray (“Jevo” and “Smiley Jevo”) Line the face up with the word “Jevo” and vice versa as you stack)

My party pack came with an extra cup in each sleeve, was that an accident?

While not a Willy Wonka Golden ticket level of excitement it's still up there.
We add another cup just in case one of the cups was broken or lost while making the shots or if you have a little extra and can make 21 shots, it's like a baker's dozen meets Jevo shots.

How many times can I reuse this tray?

If handled well the trays can last for years.

Hand wash with some soap and water and your Jevo dreams will be coming true for years. Better yet, we also offer 6 packs of flavors so if you find yourself loving a particular flavor you can order it in a pack of 6 with cups to use with these trays and measuring cup from the Party Pack