Originally founded in 2012 as a solution for the age-old problem in bars and restaurants of the frequently labor-intensive, time-consuming, and sticky task of making gelatin shots. Gone are the days of 4+ hours of making and setting up shots that are questionable on the tasty scale. Enter the Jevo machine. An all-in-one machine that can take this process and make it easy for the end user, 20 ready-to-eat shots in 10 minutes, did we just become best friends?

JEVO is your one-stop shop for all things gelatin shots. Get the party started with just a little squeeze.

They’re jiggly, fun, and full of flavor. With flavors for days, the opportunities are endless to take your experience up a notch. No matter the holiday or event, you have the chance to make it all your own by creating your flavor profile of choice using one of our flavor pods with your preferred spirit or choose from one of our favorite premades.

We’re just getting started and we’ve got room on the bandwagon for more friends. We embrace the unique, the fun, and the jiggle. You’ll find us in the middle of the dance floor, mullet wig flowing, living it up. We avoid the boring, the status quo and the expected. Be a part of the movement and join us in having way. more. fun.