Get Pumped

JEVO is here to save the day (and the night) with our tasty selection of flavored gelatin shots.

Whether you're throwing a wild birthday bash for a hundred people, a festive holiday gathering, or just a casual get-together with friends, our JEVO shots are the perfect addition to any occasion. They're fun, they're delicious, and they're guaranteed to get the party started.

  • 1 Party Pack

    20-40 Shots \\ 2 Pods

    Make one or both pods depending on how rowdy your group plans on getting after it.

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  • 2 Party Packs

    60-80 Shots \\ 4 Pods

    Mix up your flavors or keep 'em the same. Having a mix of vodka and bourbon is the way.

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  • Dime Bag

    100 Shots \\ Bulk Bag

    Per Michael Scott, the worst part of prison is the dementors. Way. More. Fun. without the jail time

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  • 30-Rack

    600 Shots \\ 30 Pods

    We see you, Project X. When the block goes off, so do the shots. Bulk pods are here to serve.

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We've Thrown a Party or Two

We understand the importance of getting the math just right on how many shots you'll need.

Follow the advanced calculus above, or if you are throwing an event you want to invite us to come hang at, contact us below.

2023 College World Series JEVO Shot Challenge

Need 100k JEVO shots (not kidding) for your event? We've handled it before, so let's do it again.

Sports Illustrated Coverage of CWS Challenge

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