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We Made a Gelatin Shot Version of Your All-Time Favorite Cereal

Being an adult is pretty great. We can do all this stuff we were never allowed to do as kids, like drinking alcohol, gambling, or voting. Not just that, but we can still do a bunch of the things we loved as kids, like watching cartoons (shout out to Adult Swim!) and eating total sugar-bomb cereals. And now we can eat it for any meal of the day, if we want to.

When we spotted a bottle of Three Olives® Loopy® Vodka at the store, we knew we had to try this recipe. After unsealing the bottle, our noses immediately sensed that familiar citrusy-sweet aroma. We combined this with our Birthday Cake flavor pod, which gives this shot a milk-and-cereal vibe.

For some, it may bring nostalgia. For those of us us who shamelessly eat kids’ cereal on the reg, it’s an awesome reminder of the perks of being a grown-up.

Frooty Cereal

What you’ll need
  • 10 oz Three Olives® Loopy® Vodka
  • Birthday Cake flavor pod
  • whipped cream (optional)
  • fruity-flavor cereal (optional)
How to make them

Pour vodka into Jevo’s reservoir, pop in the Birthday Cake flavor pod, insert a loaded prep tray, and press Go. Then, after Jevo is done preparing shots, cover the tray and place it in the fridge until the shots are set. Just before serving, garnish with whipped cream and cereal.

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