Some Juicy News from Jevo

The “Keurig of jello shots” has a fresh new flavor! We’ve added Peachy Keen to Jevo’s flavor lineup, just in time for summer. Peachy Keen lets our users create Jevo shots based on classic cocktail favorites including the Fuzzy Navel, Woo Woo and Sex on the Beach. Feeling bold? Try Fuzz Bomb, made with hot cinnamon whiskey.

Fully automated to make hundreds of gelatin shots in minutes, Jevo is the world’s only gelatin shot machine. Jevo gives bars, casinos, stadiums, music venues, and restaurants the unique opportunity to offer quality, speed of service and consistency to differentiate their bar and generate more incremental revenue.

Peachy Keen joins our 10 other exciting flavor varieties, which include Margarita Limeville, Watermelon Wave, Birthday Cake, Strawberry Lemonade, Wild Cherry, Orange Blossom, Appletini, Lemon Burst, Piña Colada, and Plain Jane.

Yet again, Jevo brings flavor innovation to the drinks menu! Last month, we added our Craft Shots feature, which gives bars the ability to offer high-quality, edible versions of their customers’ favorite cocktails.

Craft Shots provides the unique opportunity to spark a connection through genuine experiences and the millennial generation loves nothing more. Because Jevo Craft Shots create organic spontaneous fun for the consumer, it’s a clever way to drive incremental sales while improving your bar’s customer experience.

If you’re attending the National Restaurant Association’s NRA Show in Chicago, you can see Jevo in action and try Peachy Keen shots. The NRA Show runs from May 19 to 22 at McCormick Place and Jevo is in booth 11143 in the Lakeside Center.

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