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Shelf Life 101: How to Keep Your Jevo Shots Fresher, Longer

We love Jevo’s ability to produce a high volume of gelatin shots in a very short time; this can be really useful when you’re preparing for an event such as a holiday, concert, or game day. And it can never be too early to start preparing, right? Well, not exactly.

The shelf life of a Jevo Shot

Our recommended Jevo Shot lifespan is three days. Any more than that, and the alcohol can start to evaporate, eventually giving the shots a gummy texture.

If you look closely, you can see when a gelatin shot is past its ideal enjoyment date: The product at the center of the cup will dip in the center. If it’s subtle, you can make the call on whether it’s still good to serve. But once that visual cue starts to get obvious, it’s time for that shot to go.

A comparison between a fresh Jevo shot and one that is past its prime

A gelatin shot that is fresh will be flat across the top, as seen in the image on the left. A gelatin shot that is past its prime will dip in the center, like in the image on the right.

Storage and serving tips

You can help maintain the quality of your Jevo Shots by keeping them covered. We provide all of our customers with transparent tray lids, which are perfect for keeping shots fresh and also for writing on with a dry-erase pen to show the shots’ creation date and flavor info. We can also provide cup lids, which are especially useful for outdoor areas. Even plastic wrap can keep shots fresh.

Keep your Jevo Shots refrigerated and serve them chilled for the best customer experience. We don’t recommend freezing them, since that can mess with their texture too.

Unopened flavor pods have a 24-month shelf life. It’s best to keep them in a cool, dry place like just about everything else you’re storing.

Prevention is key

It can be really easy to make a ton of Jevo shots all at once, so try to avoid over-producing. To reduce waste and ensure the best possible value to your business (and your customers), try to calculate how many shots you’ll need for the next couple of days and stay close to that number.

We developed Jevo to be super hands-off, so if you find yourself running low on shots you can make more without pulling yourself (or your staff) away from your more pressing duties.

Since Jevo Shots set faster than you might expect, you can have a whole new batch (or multiple batches) of gelatin shots ready in well under an hour.


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