Pre-Batch Cocktail

Pre-batching: Win-Win-Won with Jevo

Balancing a great customer experience with speed of service is always top of mind for restaurant and bar owners, especially those serving craft cocktails. While customers might not mind the extra time it takes to receive a delicious signature drink, the need to balance quality and efficiency (especially in high volume establishments) is critical to operational success.

A popular and effective solution to this issue is to pre-batch popular craft cocktails. By mixing all the ingredients in advance, it simply requires bartenders to put ice in the glass, pour the pre-mixed drink, and add garnishes.

One of the common downsides to pre-batching cocktails is that it can be wasteful if you prep too much and end up with excess at the end of the night. Fear not, Jevo has you covered. Rather than pour it (and your profits) down the drain, make a batch (or 10) of craft Jevo Shots. Simply pick a flavor pod that pairs nicely with your cocktail (or our un-flavor, Plain Jane) and voilà – what would have been waste becomes incremental revenue.

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