Our New Flavor Pod Variety Packs Are Ready to Ship

This post was updated on 4/4/2019

Great news for Jevo customers! We’re now shipping variety packs of our entire flavor pod lineup. Each variety pack contains three flavors, and the same 30-pod quantity as our standard cases. The price of a variety pack is the same as a standard case, too.

These variety packs are available in three combinations:

  • Classic Pack: Orange Blossom / AppleTINI / Watermelon Wave
  • Picnic Pack: Peachy Keen / Mango Rush / Wild Cherry
  • Party Pack: Strawberry Lemonade / Margarita Limeville / Birthday Cake

“We listened to our customers and made it easier for them,” says our CEO, Jeff Jetton. These variety packs will give Jevo customers the opportunity to serve more flavors to their guests.

Interested? Contact your Customer Success representative or email orders@getjevo.com to get your variety packs.

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