Jevo Software Version 5.0: Three New Features to Watch For

Jevo customers can expect to see some new features appearing on their machines soon. These changes were made in order to improve user experience and usability.

On-screen usage reporting

With this update, Jevo can display your usage reports right on the screen. You’ll be able to see details on which flavor pods and spirits your business has used within the past 24 hours and 7 days, as well as month-to-date, year-to-date, and the entire lifetime of your machine.

Jevo can track and report pod usage thanks to its bar code scanner, but the spirits used is entered by your staff, so be sure to train your team to always submit that info accurately.

Shutdown request verification

Speaking of the power button, have you ever tried to turn off your Jevo while it was in the middle of something? You’ve likely noticed that your request was ignored — that’s because it’s unsafe for the machine to be turned off during certain sequences, such as while it’s making shots. We heard that some of our users felt confused by this radio silence, so we added a pop-up message to explain why shutdown wasn’t happening. In some cases, you’ll have the option of confirming that you hit that power button on purpose, so you don’t accidentally shut down your machine with an errant elbow.

Just a reminder, your Jevo should never be turned off by flipping the switch on the back. Use the power button just past the lower left corner of Jevo’s touchscreen to turn your machine on and off. (See the image above.)

User-friendlier Assisted Clean instructions

In a recent update we added videos to the Assisted Clean sequence to help guide you through the steps. This feature lets users indicate which of these steps they need help with. To make this feature more intuitive, we’ve added that familiar “play” icon next to each item — so it’ll be even easier to keep your Jevo clean. (You’ll now find the four cleaning sequences in the new Cleaning submenu, just under System.)

The Assisted Clean should be performed at least weekly. Your Jevo runs a Quick Clean after every batch of shots, as well as a Deep Clean once a day, but regularly doing an Assisted Clean ensures that your Jevo gets sanitized when it needs to.

These changes have been included in our newly updated user manual. As always, if you have questions or concerns about your Jevo’s operations you can reach our Technical Services team at 888-448-5518.

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