Have You Met One Eye Jacks?

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Joey and Pete from One Eye Jacks in Long Island, NY to learn more about their amazing bar, their back-to-back “Best Bar in Long Island” wins, and how Jevo is enhancing their beverage program.


Q: Why do you think Jevo is a successful addition to your beverage program?

A: It’s new. We’re the only ones that have it. The competition in Long Island is steep, every block has a bar, 1,000 feet to our right is a bar, 1,000 feet to our left is a bar. Having something no one else has, has kept our current customers coming back and brings in new customers that are excited to try it.


Q: How do you promote your Jevo shots?

A: We have two large signs directly behind the bar that everyone can see when they walk in that read, “Now Serving Jevo Shots, Ask Your Bartender.” Everybody questions it. Everyone sees it and they start talking among themselves and once we hear that, boom we’re on top of them.



Q: Is that all it takes, two signs behind the bar?

A: We also run ads and our video on four dedicated TVs in our establishment, our DJ makes announcements, and I have one very important rule: Once somebody comes into the bar and they are greeted and their order is taken, the bartender is to ask them, “Hey would you guys like to try our Jevo shots?”


Q: Why is this an important rule?

A: Because they don’t replace what they were going to order with a Jevo shot, it’s just another add-on, another sale, and it works like a charm.


Q: Do you do anything different on the weekends?

A: We have shot girls every Friday and Saturday night. Every shot tray they come out with is a new flavor, something different than the time before. This creates excitement and anticipation from our crowd. They can’t wait to taste what’s next.


Q: What pricing model works best for you?

A: We offer our shots at $3 each, half a tray of 10 for $25, or a full tray of 20 for $50. The bulk pricing works. For example, if someone orders eight shots, our bartender suggests they order half a tray for $25. It’s a win-win!


Q: Do you have a signature recipe?

A: We take our signature cocktails from our drink menu and create them as Jevo Shots. This allows our patrons to choose the drink or the Jevo shot, variety is key. Variety is what increases sales.


Q: What is your most popular Jevo Shot?

A: The Amaretto Sour. Using the craft mode on the machine, we use a Plain Jane Flavor Pod, amaretto, sour mix, and pop a cherry in before they set.


One Eye Jacks has won the title of Best Bar in Long Island for the past two consecutive years. Pete and Joey don’t believe it’s merely a coincidence that the first year they won was the year they introduced Jevo to their menu; in fact, their slogan is “Home of Jevo Jello Shot!”


If you’re ever in Long Island, we highly recommend you stop by and visit One Eye Jacks, chat with the amazing staff, and have yourself one of their signature Jevo shots. You won’t be sorry.


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