Edible cocktails are easy to make with Jevo’s new Craft Shots feature

We’ve added a feature to Jevo that will help enhance our customers’ menus with a new class of great-tasting gelatin shots that are more sophisticated, more creative, and way. more. fun.™

Craft Shots doubles the volume of user- added liquid in a round of Jevo shots, which means our customers can now add mixers such as energy drinks, wine, juice, and soft drinks without sacrificing alcohol content. It’s a simple upgrade with huge results: Jevo can now mix shots that taste just like miniature versions of popular cocktails, and it’s still just a easy to use as before.

To help introduce our customers to the Craft Shots feature, we’ve developed our own cocktail-inspired recipes, such as Blue Piña Colada, Spanish Coffee, Old Fashioned, Long Island Iced Tea, and a newer, more elevated Margarita.

Our staff mixologist worked closely with Jevo taste testers to ensure that each recipe was accurate to its namesake. All Jevo customers will receive a Craft Shots recipe card, which proudly features our favorite spirits such as Pinnacle® Vodka, Hornitos® Plata Tequila, Jim Beam® Honey, Cruzan® 151, and Cruzan® Coconut Rum.

Craft Shots is part of our 3.0 software update, which includes two other important features. Assisted Clean Notification reminds users to clean their Jevo if it detects that they haven’t been doing so. RTE Extra Chill Time enables Jevo Ready to Eat users to increase the amount of time the shots are chilling in the drawer — this is especially useful for customers in warmer climates.

Our Technical Services team has been rolling out this update by region, starting with the West Coast and spreading eastward over the next few weeks.

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