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Dubbed “The Keurig of Jello Shots,” Jevo is the world’s first automated gelatin shot maker. From the look, to the squeeze, to the craft shots, Jevo has everything you need to elevate your beverage program, improve your guests’ experience, and dramatically increase incremental sales.

Did You Know?

On average, a gelatin shot is sold for $3.00. With Jevo, the cost of goods averages $0.60 each. That means you will experience roughly an 80% profit margin on each shot sold! (Check out this ROI tool to see how our program can impact your bottom line.)

Because Who Loves Math?

Our clients sell an average 1,600-4,000 Jevo Shots per month, which nets them an average of $4,800-$12,000 in incremental revenue!

Outside the Numbers

Jevo does more than boost your bottom line, it also saves on labor, reduces waste, controls liquor costs, helps eliminate dead stock, and creates an experience your guests will not soon forget.

An Experience You’ll Remember

With Jevo’s Craft setting and the endless flavor combinations, you can create shots that are authentic to your bar. As a result you will be able to offer something truly different to your guests that they can’t get anywhere else.

Who Loves Jevo?

Night Clubs
Concerts + Sports Arenas
Cruise Ships
Bowling Alleys
Family Event Centers

We could go on, but we think you are picking up what we are laying down by now — everyone loves it.

But You Don’t Have To Take Our Word For It

 “The Jevo team has been great to work with, in addition to making our life easier in making the shots, their service and support after the sale has been a 10! After a successful test, we have expanded the program and Jevo is now a part of our beverage program for our Texas locations.” 

– Steven McCurdy, Manager, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor 

Jevo gives us ways to add the right mix of choice to our drink program and creates an experience that’s compelling for customers to come back to.”

– Steve Ford, Owner, Winners & Losers (Nashville)





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