Benefits of Being Connected


Having your Jevo hooked up to the internet provides huge benefits.

Inventory management: Jevo is a smart machine and tracks your inventory as you use it. If your machine is connected, we will know when you are running low on a flavor and auto ship you a new case because no likes to be left empty handed, especially guests.

Error reporting: A connected Jevo sends real-time updates on your machine, helping us to identify failures and assists in troubleshooting. More often than not, we are able to diagnose issues based on the data rather than having to dispatch a technician, preventing unwanted downtime.

Software updates: Machines that are online are remotely updated to current software and firmware versions, allowing online customers to get immediate access to new features.

Flavor updates: By having a connected machine, you are able to automatically download new flavor pod graphics and database updates, allowing for instant usage of new pods.


Have questions about connectivity? Contact our technical support team at 888.448.5518 or email them at

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