A trio of gelatin shots including one with a shark gummy inside

A Shot by Any Other Name: Use Catchy Titles to Sell More Jevo Shots

We all know that a little bit of creative marketing is necessary for good sales. Delicious flavor, appetizing appearance, and proper promotions are just half the battle. For example, ensuring your Jevo Shots are on your menu is the first step to seeing them sell like hotcakes, so make sure you’re maximizing that sacred space by naming them well.

Usual suspects

Having a sense of familiarity with the names of your Jevo Shots on the menu makes it easier for guests to navigate and order without hesitation. For example, if you’re making shots using our Margarita Limeville pod and tequila, call them your Margarita Jevo Shot rather than your lime and tequila shot. Using our Apple pod with vodka? Make sure to name the shot Appletini.

Get creative

As with any of your Jevo Shots, giving them a cool name adds a fun factor that guests appreciate and that can spark their curiosity. Rather than list simple flavors on your menu, like Cherry or Watermelon, try out the Cherry Bomb (cinnamon whiskey and our Wild Cherry pod) or the Sucker Punch (sour apple vodka and our Watermelon Wave flavor pod).

Uniquely yours

Try adding a signature shot to your menu by incorporating your establishment’s name or mascot. LandShark Bar & Grill created a signature shot using lime tequila, blue curaçao, our Plain Jane flavor pod, and a gummy shark, named — you guessed it — The LandShark.

Game day

Hosting a watch party for a big sporting event? Make shots in the team colors and name them after their mascots. Rooting for the USA in the Women’s World Cup? Make red, white, and blue shots!

We’re always interested in learning about the creative ways our customers are promoting their shots. Please share your inspiration in the comments!

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